How Can I Use SVG Files?

SVG files can be used to make many different projects.  Here are three of my favorite ways to use SVG files.

Heat Transfer Vinyl For Fabric

  • You can create iron-on designs! The possibilities are truly endless with the crafts you can create. Think about birthdays, holidays, matching family shirts, baby announcements, oh and so much more! You can even add a name to the design or a number if its to cheer on your favorite sports player! To use SVG files as iron-on designs, you will need to cut your design out with heat transfer vinyl. You can find heat transfer vinyl at any craft store or even Walmart! Once you cut your design out of the heat transfer vinyl, then adhere the vinyl onto the product, per the directions on the vinyl. You can use a iron or a heat press. (I found my heat press on Amazon, and I absolutely love it!). The most common item found to be used with iron on designs is clothing, however it doesn't end there! You can use it on tote bags, banners, pillows, really just about anything made of fabric! The possibilities are endless! I like to use SVG files for my kids shirts or family vacations!


Removable Vinyl for Non Fabric Items - Signs, Tumblers, Wine Glasses, and more!

  • Now, what about if you want to use a SVG file on a mug or tumbler or even signs? You would still cut your design out (using your Cricut) but instead of heat transfer vinyl, you would use Iron On Vinyl. This is found next to heat transfer vinyl - so make sure you read the label... I admit, I made a few mistakes from time to time - LOL.  Make sure you also have transfer tape with you, as you will weed out your vinyl, then place the transfer tape over it. You then place it on the item of your choice, and slowly remove the transfer tape and ta-da! You just created a unique item! If you are placing your vinyl on something that is going to get wet (dishes, mugs etc.), you’ll want to be sure to use a permanent waterproof vinyl and make sure hand wash your item. 

Now it's time to get crafting!!

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